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Isle of Jura Records E4
Jura Soundsystem Selects — 
Boogie / 
Melodic Remedy / 
Cosmic / Kraut / 
Dub / 
Balearic / 

The fourth instalment from the lauded reissue label Isle Of Jura, run by Kevin Griffiths aka Jura Soundsystem.⁣ ⁣ Jura's Skylab show explores the lineage of leftfield dance music, through ambience, balearica, dub to proto-house. You're in good hands.

UB40 Present 'Arms In Dub' Prince Fatty 'Get Ready' The Rolling Stones 'Feel On Baby' (Dub) The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band 'Roob Lor Pu Tai' (Rootikal Re-Dub) Tapes 'Silence Please' Jeff Majors 'Yasmeen' DJ Mad A & Dr Stevie Levitating Pharoah's (Ambient Mix) FG's Romance 'What Is Love Today' Percussions 'Talking Drum' Pieces Of A Dream 'Mt Airy Groove' Ketiov 'F' Afrodesia 'Deep Down In Zanzibar' Sirs Cut 'Love Me Right' Tony Allen 'Jealousy' Mongo Santamaria 'Ebora' (yeza) King Africa 'Version Jungle' Dr Togo 'Be Free' Skyway 'High' Flamingo Pier 'Boogie Meltdown' Whodammany 'Troublemaker' Common Sense 'Voices In My Head' Lavender Interlude Velvet season & the hearts of gold 'Love directions' Supermax 'Love Machine'

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