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Isle of Jura Records E2
Jura Soundsystem Selects — 
Ambient / New Age / 
Antipodean / 

Isle Of Jura's Skylab residency continues with a deep dive into Movie Soundtracks and Ambient seamlessly woven together by Jura Soundsystem to create a 90 minute musical trip.

Brian Eno 'Saint Tom' Tashaki Kokubo 'Symphony Of Glory & Wind' Isle Of Dogs 'Taiko Drumming' Ghost In The Shell 'Ghost City' Meitei 'Ike' Love Theme From Chinatown Meitei 'Seito' Anthony Naples 'Alto' Dark Star Dialogue Satoshi & Makoto 'Untitled' Sound Voyage Interlude Emerald Forest 'Burning Of The Shabona' Emerald Forest 'Main Titles' The Deer Hunter 'Struggling Ahead' Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement 'Flytrap Exotica' New Zealand Birds Of The Forest Johnny Jewell 'Nightmare' Johnny Jewell 'Requiem' Morgan Fisher 'Gnossienne #1' Sad City 'Stream' Rex Illusivi 'Dream I' Jura Soundsystem Lucid Dreaming Tool Blossom Dearie Jeff Bridges 'Feeling Good' Theme From Spartacus Batman Thaws Mr Freeze 'That's The Way The Ice Cube Crumbles' X.Y.R 'Lost City' 28 Days Later 'Abide With Me' LSD Vangelis 'Tears In The Rain'

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