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Meaningless Legs
Sheena Colquhoun — 
Spoken Word / 

"I want to have meaningless legs" -Anne Carson

Meaningless Legs is a collage of spoken word, poetry, conversations and sounds. Drawing on contemporary voices and historical archives, Meaningless Legs is a radio essay of sorts.

The Public is a Slow Moving Riot

"The public is a slow moving riot" - Nina Power

The debut episode of Meaningless Legs loosely takes its form by asking the questions: What is the public? and, Why is power so insistent?

" wisest man I ever mumbled alongside

power with all the wars in it ain’t shit in a flawed system"

-Harmony Holiday

Poets and speakers in this episode are: Ama Codjoe, Kelly Mark, Nina Power, Alicia Askenase, Jillian Weise, Joshua Evans, Danez Smith, Samuel Beckett, Harmony Holiday, Anne Waldman, Michael Ondaatje, Matthea Harvey, Gwendolyn Brooks and Christopher Dewdney.

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