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Skywriting E1
Grace Ferguson — 
Ambient / 
Modern Classical / 
Field Recording / 

Introducing a new show from Melbourne pianist and sound designer, Grace Ferguson.

Grace released her debut solo piano LP on Music last year, receiving critical acclaim both at home and abroad. Her dynamic yet intimate works draw from her Classical music training but also significantly depart from this genre through her interest in non-western traditions of music, integration of low-fi electronics and love for improvisation; ""to play without inhibition or apology for what results from this lack of inhibition"".

Tracklist: _ some memories just - Grace Ferguson ft. G__enevieve Fry on harp
Sea of Tranquility - Tete Noise My Heart, My life - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook
Ten Golden Dinars - Satori
Inland - Monica Brooks
What does it matter how my heart breaks - The Caretaker
Touching the Sky - Joanna Brouk
Drinking at the Stream - Deux Filles
Wave the Ocean, Wave the Sea - Neal Morris & Charlie Everidge
Berceuse by Tchaikovsky - Clara Rockmore
Well - KRMU

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